The 5GMED Project aims to bring a sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor. The services to be tested will rely on a broad range of technologies beyond 5G, including onboard sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing advanced connectivity services in a scalable and replicable manner across transport paths.

Use Case 1


Automated driving on highways can be performed in full safety, even when a critical event occurs on the Automated Driving System (ADS) preventing the normal system operation beyond the homologated Operation Design Domain (ODD)

• The vehicle Valeo’s Cruise 4 U will operate automatically in the highway crossing the border, a teleoperator will take the control of the vehicle from a remote location when a situation of danger happens using 5G
• The Valeo vehicle can operate in automated modes SAE Level 3 and Level 4 on highways within its ODD (Operation Design Domain)

Use Case 2


The road infrastructure will be digitised digitalisation for intelligent traffic management of the connected and automated vehicles
• Uninterrupted, safe, and efficient mobility will be ensured for mixed conventional and automated traffic.
• Bring road infrastructure closer to support levels for automated driving
• Infrastructure can guide groups of vehicles for traffic optimisation.

Use Case 3


• Transition of a commercial train between ADIF in Spain and SNCF in France, advanced applications in cross border situations.
• On board media server will offer a seamless service continuity, coping with multiple media types, service QoS requirements, handover between service orchestrators, and edge network transitions.
• FRMCS services in the train will be connected to the 5GMed infrastructure and satellite.
• A bandwidth manager device will enable the transition and aggregation between the different available connections.

Use Case 4


• Virtual reality applications and enriched 3D map models providing autonomous car
drivers more information regarding the surroundings and road conditions.
• On board media server needs to offer a seamless service continuity (handover between service orchestrators, and edge network transitions)

Media modules will be integrated into the network edge node and enable enhanced
content distribution strategies, where devices may share media with other car
occupants or train passengers.