Standardization Initiatives and Market Approaches in Edge Federation

The introduction of the sixth generation (6G) mobile communications along with the establishment of Edge Computing and network virtualization motivate the concept of Telco Edge Platform (TEP), which is an effort towards exposing the mobile network capabilities to interested external third parties. Recently, the Operator Platform Group (OPG) has been introduced towards the interconnection and federation of the TEPs.

In this paper, we explain in detail the standardization efforts around OPG in the context of the edge federation and we provide a list of innovative use cases enabled by this initiative. Finally, we move our scope to the market efforts, focusing on our state-of-the-art edge orchestration tool (i.e., NearbyOne) and its roadmap towards fulfilling the OPG requirements.


  • Monika Valdez, Nearby Computing S.L.
  • David Carrera, Nearby Computing S.L.
  • Angelos Antonopoulos, Nearby Computing S.L.


You can also read this paper in Zenodo.