The 5GMED Project aims to bring a sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility
in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor.

5GMed will demonstrate advanced Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and Future Railway Mobile Communications System services (FRMCS) along the “Figueres Perpignan” cross border corridor between Spain and France Enabled by a multi stakeholder compute and network infrastructure deployed by MNOs, neutral hosts, and road and rail operators, based on 5G and offering support for AI functions.


Remote Driving

Automated driving on highways can be performed in full safety, even when a critical event occurs on the Automated Driving System (ADS) preventing the normal system operation beyond the homologated Operation Design Domain (ODD).


Road Infrastructure Digitalisation

The road infrastructure will be digitised digitalisation for intelligent traffic management of the connected and automated vehicles.


Future Railway Mobile Communications

Transition of a commercial train between ADIF in Spain and SNCF in France, advanced applications in cross border situations.


Follow-me Infotainment

Media modules will be integrated into the network edge node and enable enhanced content distribution strategies, where devices may share media with other car occupants or train passengers.


Eight Bells, 5GMED innovation Manager

Eight Bells is an independent Research and Consulting company specializing in selected parts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)...

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Linea Figueras Perpignan: an infrastructure at the service of the 5GMED project

Linea Figueras Perpignan S.A. or “LFP” is the Infrastructure Manager “IM” as defined by the European Directive 2001/14/EC, of the Perpignan-Figueras...

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5GMED – First external advisory board meeting

On the past 21st of September 2021, 5GMED project organized its first advisory Board meeting composed of railway and...

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Cooperation, the key to the future of mobility

Summary of the white paper MNO Network Expansion Mechanisms to Fulfil Connected Vehicle Requirement The 5GAA association published a White Paper about the importance of...

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