Remote Driving


Automated driving on highways can be performed in full safety, even when a critical event occurs on the Automated Driving System (ADS) preventing the normal system operation beyond the homologated Operation Design Domain (ODD).


The assistance of an automated vehicle in getting outside its ODD.

Using the 5G cellular network, 5GMED will demonstrate that a teleoperator can control the car from a remote location and ensure the Dynamic Driving Task Fallback (DDT, specified by SAE J3016) with full safety. This means that 5GMED will add a new reliable mode to the DDT fallback procedure.


5GMED builds upon the ODD of the vehicle used for the tests on the highway.

The project approach consists of simulating a step outside the ODD by H/W or S/W failure (e.g. camera or Lidar Failure) or when the vehicle leaves the areas where there are appropriate conditions to support Automated Driving functions.

The Vehicle

Valeo’s Cruise4U, a prototype of automated driving on highway or motorway alike road that allows the driver to decide whether to drive manually or prefer to delegate this task.

The Valeo vehicle can operate in automated modes SAE Level 3 and Level 4 on highways within its ODD (Operation Design Domain)

3 services may result from getting outside the ODD and will be tested in UC1

  • Minimum Risk Manoeuvre (MRM)
  • Request for Remote Assistance (RRA)
  • Teleoperation Manoeuvre (TM).