Follow-ME Infotainment

The “Follow-Me Infotainment” solution is being developed and validated.


Demonstrate how, by means of the technology resources developed in the 5GMED project, it is possible for general users traveling at high speed by train or car to access high-quality media content while maintaining high Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) levels.

The goal is to optimise the media content distribution, resulting in a high-quality reception and avoiding service disruptions, even in the cross-border.


By integrating innovative streaming, and interactive technologies on top of a 5G orchestrated infrastructure.

To create new and enhanced end-user experiences to be consumed while travelling in a car or a train through the 5GMED corridor, being reactive to user requirements as well as environmental and platform-specific aspects.


The demonstration of the so-called “Folow-Me” concept: moving the virtual functions of the media service that end-users are accessing (or part of them) along with different Edge nodes as the user moves along the corridor, so that these virtual functions are located in data centres which are placed close to the user’s position at all times

The Media Infotainment Application: set of advanced media services used to showcase the “Follow-Me” concept.

This media application will consist of a set of 2 media services:

  • Enjoy Media Together (EMT) Service”
  • Tour Planning (TP) Service