Which are the European cross-border initiatives?

The European Union launched in November 2018 and September 2020 seven 5G cross-border corridor trial projects for large-scale testing of 5G enabled Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) solutions over cross-border sections of motorways, rail, waterways and ports across 11 borders.

These projects are part of the European Commission’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5GPPP), and are co-funded under Horizon 2020.

5GMED, one of the EU-funded 5G cross-border corridor projects

The seven initiatives to implement the large-scale deployment of 5G corridors for Connected and Automated Mobility on European transport paths are:

  • 5G-CARMEN: Motorways along an important north-south corridor from Bologna to Munich via the Brenner Pass.
  • 5GCROCO: Motorways between Metz, Merzig and Luxembourg, crossing the borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg.
  • 5G-Mobix: 2 cross-border corridors between Spain and Portugal, a short corridor between Greece and Turkey, and six national urban sites in Versailles (France), Berlin and Stuttgart (Germany), Eindhoven-Helmond (Netherlands) and Espoo (Finland). 
  • 5GMED: 5G-enabled CAM trials for road and rail along the Figueres-Perpignan cross-border corridor between Spain and France.
  • 5GROUTES: Conduct advanced 5G field CAM trials between Latvia-Estonia-Finland over motorways, rail, and shipways.
  • 5GBlueprint: Design and validate 5G-enabled CAM solutions between Belgium and Netherlands over roads, waterways, and in ports.
  • 5GRAIL: Validate the first set of future rail mobile communication system (FRMCS) across different test sites in Europe.