5GMED at the 5G TURBO Accelerator Demo Day in Barcelona

Cellnex and Comsa, 5GMED’s partners, were invited last week at the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation to present the project in front of start-ups from the 5G TURBO Acceleration Programme Demo Days.

The event, co-founded by EIT Urban Mobility, is a conclusion of the six-month 5G Turbo Accelerator Programme, hoping to elevate the most influential startups in the urban mobility field with mentoring and financial support.

At the end of the year the programme will select the four most influential startups and receive complimentary tickets to 4YFN, one of the biggest start-up events in Europe, with a special focus on connectivity. The winners will be offered a role of initiative’s ambassadors throughout the next year.

Raül Gonzalez Prats (Cellnex) and Manuel Alfageme Alonso (Comsa) presented 5GMED and its challenges. The panel moderated by Marjorie Grassler (MWC) was also focused on how start-ups can be involved in the project. After the meeting, the start-ups were invited to discuss with the panellists.

  • ITC – Intelligent Traffic Control LTD (Israel) develops a 100% software solution that predicts and prevents traffic jams in cities, based on patented algorithms and AI.
  • PANTOhealth (Germany) offers a monitoring device and smart algorithms to reduce the maintenance costs of electrical railway infrastructure. Their solution is focused on preparing predictive maintenance plans for pantograph and the electrified overhead lines in most trains.
  • DotDot S.A.S. (France) is a software solution that builds a WiFi, ad-hoc, meshed network between pocket-size electronic boards called #dot’s. It does not have infrastructure, supervision, nor subscription. It turns any crowd into a monetizable private mobile network.
  • ZenParking Smart Parking (Romania) offers a smart and connected parking solution that enables the reservation of a free spot with an automated payment through a smartphone app and a hardware device on the spot.
  • Social Tech Projects (ROAD) (Denmark) offers urban tech solutions that focus on improving urban livability and safety: monitor noise, air, light pollution, traffic and road infrastructure (R.O.A.D. system) and improve citizen engagement.
  • Tunnll ( Spain) is a transportation service for those small towns that don’t have any local public transport. Instead of optimizing bus’ routes and making them dynamic or “flexible”, Tunnll optimizes the passengers’ walking routes and the locations of bus stops. Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
  • Lokit Technology (Italy) is offering a smart and connected docking station for micro-mobility.
  • Cezigue (France) is a web platform that provides the ability to build easily automotive connected services without worrying about vehicles compatibility while keeping control of release & updates.
  • Park4Dis (Spain) offers mobility technology solutions aimed at supporting municipalities in the management of public spaces, improving Persons with Reduced Mobility users experience.
  • Dooroti / Evourbe SL (Spain) is an intelligent parking management system that allows owners to rent parking places.

About the 5G TURBO Acceleration Programme 

The 5G TURBO Acceleration Programme is one of the thematic accelerator programmes under Business Creation of the EIT Urban Mobility. The 5G TURBO Accelerator supports, in the second stage of the programme, 10 start-ups working on 5G technologies and connectivity services to develop technologies in the field of urban mobility.

The startups aim to solve challenges related to sustainable urban logistics, urban air mobility, electric mobility, energy and public realm, and 5G technologies. Together, they represent various mobility subsectors, from cybersecurity and software-based products that improve connectivity and autonomy, to hardware that visually shapes and changes the public realm.