5GMED Consortium’s Paris Face-to-Face Meeting 

On February 6, 2024, the Cellnex office in Paris hosted a face-to-face meeting of the 5GMED project’s consortium.  

As 5GMED nears its conclusion, the consortium has set the dates for the final demonstration days on June 26-27, 2024.  This event aims to present the project’s final results to the European Commission and a wider audience comprising politics, media, experts and other stakeholders. 

José Luque Lopez, the coordinator of the 5GMED project, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s progress to date, although many challenges are still to be achieved for the project’s success. 

Francisco Vazquez Gallego, the Technical Manager of 5GMED, outlined the technical objectives yet to be met within various work packages. These goals are important in ensuring the project’s readiness for the final demonstration and its overall success. The next immediate challenge is preparing for the train demonstration next April 2024.  

Key Focus Areas 

For the Work Package 3 the next steps will be focused on:  

  • finalising 5G RAN infrastructure deployment across the cross-border corridor; 
  • ensuring continuous 5G coverage; 
  • completing the 5GMED network architecture’s implementation and testing; 
  • collecting pending measurements of 5G network specific KPI. 

Work Packages 4 and 5 will be focused on: 

  • completing any pending developments; 
  • ensuring the operational robustness of use cases services;  
  • assessing the impact of inter-PLMN Handovers. 

The tasks of Work Package 6 are focused on the large-scale trials preparation. This includes:  

  • finalising implementation of methods for measuring service performance indicators in both automotive and railway use cases;  
  • ensuring accurate time synchronisation among system components;  
  • executing large-scale trials across the cross-border corridor using HRR and LBO roaming in each use case. 

Each work package leader had the opportunity to present their results to the consortium, defining the next steps and discussing about the technical, logistical, and business challenges.