5GMED’s Face to Face meeting in Barcelona

Last 29th and 30th of June 2022, 5GMED‘s partners met in the Abertis Autopistas facilities in Barcelona to talk about the project’s plans.

DAY 1: Working together and strengthening relationships

Discussions focused on the design of the 5GMED architecture and the organisation of the demo days taking place next November 2022. During the first day, the use case teams met in private sessions to work on the demo preparation.

DAY 2: Taking decisions for the next steps of the project

During the second day, the partners presented more inputs about the use cases and the demo preparation. Furthermore, discussing the logistics of the demos ensured the partners considered all details.

Finally, the 5GMED’s members examined the project re-planning during a session contemplating all the Project Officer’s recommendations and the reviewers.

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