Accelerating the Future: Exploring the Global Landscape of ICV Roadmaps

The International Communication and Cooperation Committee of ICV Roadmaps has released a white paper titled “ICV Roadmaps: A Worldwide Perspective.” This comprehensive document provides an overview of diverse ICV roadmaps from various countries and regions, offering insights and best practices to foster global collaboration.

The white paper offers a deep dive into the content of different ICV roadmaps, meticulously compiled by the committee members representing organizations, institutions, and enterprises from around the world. Through extensive exchange and cooperation, the paper synthesizes the main conclusions, distinctive characteristics, and exemplary practices found in these roadmaps.  

By highlighting the diverse approaches taken by various stakeholders, the white paper encourages dialogue and knowledge sharing among industry leaders. It recognizes the significance of innovative policies, regulations, technology advancements, and infrastructure development in propelling the ICV industry forward.  

Read the full white paper here.