WEBINAR. Connectivity Beyond Limits: Exploring the Transformative Potential of 5G for Cross-Border Mobility 

On November 8, 2023 we hosted a webinar titled “Connectivity beyond limits in mobility cross-border scenarios with 5G.” The event featured speakers and experts who provided ultimate insights into the world of 5G and its transformative potential for the mobility sector. 
The webinar commenced with a presentation by Christian Micas, Senior Policy Officer at DG Connect, European Commission, who shed light into the EC Perspective on 5G corridors. 

Following Micas’ presentation, José Luque Lopez, Project Coordinator at Cellnex, delivered a comprehensive overview of the 5GMED project, outlining its objectives, initiatives, and current status.  

Francisco Vazquez Gallego, Technical Manager of the 5GMED project, delved into the technical aspects and challenges inherent in the deployment and implementation of 5G technology for cross-border mobility.  
The webinar then transitioned to a series of presentations showcasing the outcomes of the 5GMED project’s four use cases: 

  • Kévin Nguyen of Valeo presented on “Teleoperation” (Use Case 1), demonstrating the potential of remote-controlled vehicles for enhancing safety and efficiency in cross-border transportation.   
  • David Porcuna of AAE discussed “Road Infrastructure Digitalization” (Use Case 2), highlighting the role of digital twins and intelligent traffic management systems in optimizing traffic flow and reducing congestion.   
  • Juan Agustí of CMS explored “Enhanced Railway Connectivity for Cross-Border” (Use Case 3), emphasizing the importance of seamless connectivity and data exchange between railway operators to improve cross-border rail services.   
  • Rodrigo Peces of ATOS shared insights on “Follow-ME Infotainment” (Use Case 4), showcasing the potential of personalized infotainment systems to enhance passenger experience and satisfaction. 

The webinar concluded with a panel discussion featuring Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac from the 5G-Blueprint project and Dan Mandoc from the 5GRail project. The panelists shared their experiences and insights on their respective projects, highlighting the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in advancing the development and implementation of 5G solutions for cross-border mobility.   

For those who missed the live event, fear not! The webinar recording is available for viewing. Click here to watch the video and catch up on the discussions: 

And take a look at the presentations the speakers used during the event: