D8.1 Project Website

Deliverable 8.1 (Website project, M1) is related to Work package 8 (Impact maximisation, task 8). Dissemination and outreach coordinated by FMWC. It introduces the first release of the project website.

The document provides a comprehensive overview of the development and updates of the tool throughout the project, involving all partners of 5GMED who contribute to its design and content creation. It emphasizes the significance of the website as the primary dissemination platform for the project’s outcomes.

Additionally, the document introduces tools for monitoring website activities. It defines and describes the brand identity, including the selection of the logo and colors. Furthermore, it explains the purpose of using infographics to represent the entire project and its use cases.

Moreover, the document delves into the website’s structure, outlining each section in detail. It also outlines the approach to reaching five specific target groups: the public sector, mobility sector, telecom sector, ICT sector, research and academia, open sources community, and the general public.

Furthermore, the document presents the content and communication strategy, highlighting the use of social media tools to promote website content, and the employment of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the strategy’s impact.

Lastly, the report concludes with a section dedicated to outlining future actions to solidify the efforts made in task 8.1, Dissemination and Outreach. A more detailed description of these actions will be provided in deliverable 8.2, the Impact Maximization Plan.

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