Discover the Progress of CAM Projects: the Updated 5G-PPP CAM Brochure

5GMED Project has been featured in the latest edition of the “From R&I Towards Actual Deployment” brochure by 5G PPP, as part of the 5G PPP ICT-53-2020 call: 5G for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM). 

The Brochure

This updated brochure serves as a resource for understanding the progress made in CAM projects funded by the ICT-18 and ICT-53 call in 2022, along with updates from ongoing projects under the 5G-PPP program. It also highlights the shift to the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking framework since mid-2022, which has succeeded the 5G-PPP program in the European context. 

As 5G continues its march towards massive deployment, this document summarizes key use cases, performance indicators, tests, and pilots, while also sharing important insights gained from finished projects. It underscores the crucial role of 5G in realizing the full potential of CAM, paving the way for a safer, more efficient, and interconnected transportation future.

About 5G PPP

5G PPP and its successor, 6G-SNS JU, have been committed to leading the development and deployment of 5G and future generations in Europe. Since 2015, these initiatives have continuously funded numerous projects, including the 5GMED Project, aimed at designing, developing, testing, validating, and promoting the potential of 5G-based V2X communications for CAM. 
Stay informed by accessing the brochure: