First in-person consortium meeting of 5GMED partners at the Castellolí Parcmotor

A hybrid meeting organised by coordinator Cellnex has been held in Spain with 5GMED partners to discuss the next steps of the project.  

Last 22nd of June 2020, the 5GMED partners met in-person at the Castellolí Parcmotor. During the meeting, the discussions focused on the challenges and the next steps of the project. The conversation helped to shape the actions and the calendar of 5GMED, but also to strengthen the engagement of the partners.  

After the working session, the partners were invited to visit the complex where use case one about automated driving will be tested. The renowned circuit contains 800,000 square meters and is located next to the Montserrat mountains and 35 minutes from Barcelona-El Prat airport. Different circuits, services and facilities are available to promote training, communication actions, entertainment activities and motorsports.

The visit has been an opportunity to understand part of the technical aspects that will be deployed in the circuit to cover the small-scale tests, which results will have an immediate impact on the deployment of the different network and infrastructure elements in the corridor.

One of the main elements that can be found in the Castelloli testbed is the green node, which has the ability to produce the energy it needs to consume. This energy is produced by solar panels and an eolic turbine. The Green Node is composed of small cells, a variety of IoT sensors and some batteries, it gives connectivity to a range of the extension in the circuit. This Node has also installed in its cabinet an Edge node, which connects to the control room in order to share its resources.

In the control room, there are different key elements: the 5G Stand Alone Core and the Orchestrator, which will deploy the different services in the different edge nodes allocated along the green nodes.

5GMed will demonstrate advanced Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and Future Railway Mobile Communications System services (FRMCS) along the “Figueres-Perpignan” cross border corridor between Spain and France enabled by a multi-stakeholder compute and network infrastructure deployed by MNOs, neutral hosts, and road and rail operators, based on 5G and offering support for AI functions. 

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