How to reach sustainable mobility and improve traffic safety?

According to the European Transport Safety Council, the road deaths in the EU27 in 2021 were reduced collectively by an unprecedented 13% compared to 2019. 

The United Nations (UN) is working to improve through attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda highlighting five primary functions to improve at a global level: 

  1. Establishing road safety as a political priority. 
  2. Establishing technical standards and regulations
  3. Encouraging governments to formulate and implement policies conducive to improve road safety
  4. Mobilizing actors from the private sector, academia and civil society to implement effective road safety interventions. 
  5. Encouraging member states to continue to take action in the field of road safety by periodically reviewing and reporting on the progress achieved in this area. 

5GMED contribution to improve road safety

5GMED will contribute by using 5G technologies in different use cases: 

  • USE CASE 1: Remote Driving, by using the 5G cellular network demonstrating that a teleoperator can control the car from a remote location and ensure the Dynamic Driving Task Fallback with full safety.  
  • USE CASE 2: Road Infrastructure Digitalisation will enable road operators to execute intelligent traffic management strategies that ensure uninterrupted, safe, and efficient mobility in a situation of mixed conventional and automated traffic.