ICT-53 Projects Webinar is Set for December 14th

This webinar titled “Key outputs from the ICT-53 projects in deploying 5G in cross-border corridors scenarios”, focusing on the challenges and solutions of 5G deployment across European borders, is scheduled for December 14, 2023, at 11 CET.

Two roundtable sessions are planned: the first will discuss achievements, outputs,and strategic plans of the ICT-53 projects—5G Blueprint, 5GMED, 5GRail and 5GRoutes. The second roundtable willinvolve discussions on challenges, recommendations, and lessons learned from these projects in deploying 5Gtechnologies in cross-border scenarios.

The Agenda

Round table 1

  • How do you feel about ending the project? 5G Blueprint, 5GRail 
  • How do you plan the last year? 5GRoutes, 5GMED 
  • What will be the main outputs of the project? ALL 
  • What are your recommendations to close the projects?  5G Blueprint, 5GRail 

Round table 2

How to address challenges for deployment 5G Corridors:  

  • What are the main features lacking today in 3GPP standards that could ensure low latency and low interruption times in cross-border handovers beyond neighboring countries? 
  • Which solutions can be deployed in cross-border scenarios to ensure proper service and session continuity in intermittent or low coverage areas? 
  • What are the main challenges faced when using public roads and infrastructure for large-scale testing? How does the cross-border aspect influence them and how can they be solved? 
  • What are the main challenges faced when using commercial equipment for testing in the cross-border and how can they be solved? 
  • Which business model proposed in your project would you highlight and what are the challenges that need to be addressed? 

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