José López, 5GMED Coordinator: “5GMED is using 5G and other technologies to provide seamless services in cross-border”

The 5GMED project hosted a round table at Mobile World Congress 2023 to discuss about the challenges of connected mobility in Spain and in Europe, and to speak about how 5GMED is contributing with technologies and solutions to face these challenges.

The discussion was joined by José López Luque, 5GMED Coordinator from CellnexMaría Paula Caycedo, Head of Innovation Hub South at EIT Urban Mobility; and Laura Sanz, CCAM Strategy Lead at i2CAT. It was moderated by Marjorie Grassler, European Projects Communication Executive at Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation and introduced with a keynote by Federico Ruíz, National 5G Observatory Responsable at the same Foundation.

“The 5GMED project is trying different technologies, especially 5G, to provide seamless services between different countries in the cross-border, to optimize the interruption time between these borders, for different services, such as remote driving or connectivity in trains”.

José López Luque

Watch his full interview below! 👇

Cellnex, 5GMED Coordinator boosting sustainable connectivity

Cellnex is the main European operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructures that facilitate the connectivity of people and territories, promoting digitization in Europe.

It was born in 2015 as a result of the spin off of the telecommunications division of the Abertis Group, when they went public as an independent company under the name of Cellnex Telecom. Headquartered in Spain, since then Cellnex has grown to operate in a total of 12 European countries with the aim of creating a pan-European platform for telecommunications infrastructure.

They offer solutions and technologies designed to ensure the conditions for a reliable and quality transmission for the wireless broadcasting of content, be it voice, data or audiovisual.