MANO – Management and Orchestration

Management and orchestration (MANO) is a key element of the ETSI network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture. In this framework, network services can be virtualized and the proposed MANO is responsible to manage the service life cycle on top of the network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI). Orchestration allocates resources for the network services (NSs) and their virtual network functions (VNFs).

Life cycle management of network services is crucial for ensuring reliable, scalable, and rapid deployments, and it is MANO responsability. MANO includes the following components: the NFV orchestrator (NFVO), the VNF manager (VNFM), and the virtual infrastructure manager (VIM). Open-Source examples of MANO are ETSI OpenSourceMANO (OSM) and Linux Foundation ONAP.

We have seen some CCAM architectures that consider both NFV and SDN deployments. In 5GCAR project, the architecture was proposed. Later, the concept was explored in 5GCroCo. Lossi et al. (2022) provide the firsts results of applying multi-domain NFV services in cross-border connected car scenarios.


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