Revolutionizing Connected Mobility: 5GAA’s Annual Report 2022 Unveiled 

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) has recently released its Annual Report for 2022, showcasing the progress and achievements made in shaping the future of mobility and transportation. As an active participant in the 5GAA ecosystem, the 5GMED project is thrilled to share the latest edition of the annual report. With over 120 influential members from the automotive and telecommunications industries, 5GAA has become a driving force in developing end-to-end solutions for the future of mobility. This unique partnership fosters collaboration, exchange, and innovation, propelling us towards a new era of transportation. 

Leading the C-V2X Revolution

The annual report highlights 5GAA’s commitment to establishing C-V2X technology in the market. Through cross-industry alignment and collaboration, the association has spearheaded transformative advancements in connected and automated driving. The document showcases the progress made in deploying LTE-V2X technology while positioning 5G-V2X as the next phase in the evolution of C-V2X. This technological progression opens doors to enhanced road safety, improved traffic efficiency, and reduced emissions. 

A Vision for the Future

Embedded within the annual report is 5GAA’s visionary roadmap, outlining strategic plans for the global introduction of advanced use cases for connected and automated driving. This roadmap, continuously updated to reflect industry developments, serves as a crucial instrument for aligning the efforts of automakers, network operators, and equipment providers worldwide. By harnessing the transformative potential of 5G-V2X technology, the roadmap envisions a future where mobility is revolutionized, and boundaries are pushed. 

Facilitating International Dialogue 

The report emphasizes the pivotal role of international dialogue and collaboration within the 5GAA ecosystem. Regular meetings between 5GAA members and road operators enable the exchange of views, experiences, and best practices relating to 5G technology and the required infrastructure. By fostering these connections, 5GAA strengthens the global network, facilitating the seamless integration of 5G-V2X technology and promoting the establishment of a truly connected ecosystem.

The Power of 5G-V2X

As the number of network-connected vehicles continues to grow, the annual report underscores the critical importance of leveraging existing developments and paving the way for 5G-V2X. With its potential to redefine the automotive industry, 5G-V2X promises to enhance road safety, improve traffic efficiency, and revolutionize the way we experience mobility. 

Shaping the Future of Mobility

With its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and shaping the future of mobility, 5GAA’s annual report sets the stage for an exciting future. By pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the automotive industry, the association continues to redefine what is possible in connected and automated driving.  

To learn more about the achievements of 5GAA in 2022, please, read the full report: