The Game Changer: The 15th ITS European Congress – Post-Congress Report

The official post-ITS European congress report, “ITS: The Game Changer” has been published, capturing the essence of the event, in which 5GMED took part. The 15th ITS European Congress, held in Lisbon, provided a platform for industry experts, researchers, and decision-makers to explore the transformative potential of Intelligent Transport Systems in shaping the future of mobility.

5GMED’s Workshop at the ITS European Congress

As part of the Technical Programme Automated, Cooperative, and Connected Mobility, Francisco Vázquez, Technical Manager and V2X Research Line Manager at i2CAT Foundation, presented the 5GMED project during a workshop held on May 23. The workshop delved into the opportunities and challenges in the seamless deployment of international automated mobility services, with a particular focus on the CEF2 program.

The Brochure

The post-event report offers a summary of the congress, presenting the key messages, outcomes, and insights from the various sessions, demonstrations, and discussions. Organized around five main topics—Cooperative, Connected & Automated Mobility; Digitalisation & the Data Value Chain; Freight & Logistics; Future Traffic Management; and New Mobility Services—the report provides understanding of the role of Smart Mobility and the transformative power of ITS.

ITS European Congress

The 15th ITS European Congress, hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe and Lisboa Câmara Municipal, served as a platform to convene and discuss the future of mobility. The success of this congress sets the stage for the upcoming edition, scheduled to take place next year, with specific details yet to be announced.