10th Newsletter – April 2023: Connectivity beyond limits in mobility cross-border scenarios with 5G


Last week, 5GMED released the demo days video showcasing the different use cases of the project but, most importantly, getting team members to explain and describe the latest progress.

Snow in Barcelona! You would probably think it is nonsense. Actually, it happened, and it was just the day the 5GMED team decided to rehearse the small-scale test bed in Castellolí.

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A snow day in Castellolí circuit

European projects are full of challenges that are mostly overcome, but it gets slightly more complicated when you also have to cope with bad weather! Happily, it was the perfect time to have lunch and continue the hard work.

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The day after, the 5GMED team was luckier, and at the LINEA FIGUERAS PERPIGNAN S.A., we could get to know the facility and the train used for the trials.

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At the end of this journey, the 5GMED team was ready to showcase the use cases to the European Commission representatives.

Watch the work performed and get more explanations from the team members in the 5GMED Small Scale Pilots’ Demonstrations video. Enjoy it!

More activities are coming for the 5GMED team:

  • Face-to-Face meeting, 3-4 May 2023, Madrid, Spain: the project consortium will meet at the Hispasat facility to discuss the state of the project and the future trials taking place on October 2023.
  • ITS International Congress, 22-24 May 2023, Lisboa, Portugal: Francisco Vazquez Gallego, 5GMED technical manager, will represent the project during a workshop. Meet us at the ICT-53 projects’ booth 13A, and learn more about what we will do here.


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