5GMED, 5G-Blueprint, and 5G-Routes, together at the EuCNC22 and 6G Summit

The last edition of the EuCNC22, the European telecommunication conference was a success! More than 25 European projects were gathered at the World Trend Center of Grenoble (France) to present results, progress and demos. 5GMED team was also in-site together with 5G-Blueprint and 5G-Routes, projects of the ICT-53.

A sunny day at Grenoble welcomed the first visitors of the last edition of the EuCNC22 and 6G Summit. In the World Trade Centre Grenoble, everything was ready to show the future of connectivity. Many European projects choose the event to present their last developments in specific sectors such as transport, health, energy, etc.

ICT-53 projects together at the same booth

5GMED, 5G-Blueprint, and 5G-Routes are projects executed under the Horizon 2020 programme framework -5G for Connected and Automated Mobility. The three projects address common challenges that impede the smooth provision of CAM services in cross-border scenarios. In this context, 5G connectivity is an essential tool that will allow the services developed by these projects to work. The deployment of the 5G involves low latency and high speed, which are key for the implementation of teleoperation and Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) services, as much as in the use of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity technologies. The creation of rail, road, and water communication systems is another challenge that the projects will have to overcome.

As the three projects are publicly funded, their consortia are strongly committed to ensuring that the EU companies, researchers, and individual citizens benefit from the projects’ results and know about the specific activities and the progress achieved to date. In that context, the projects shared a stand at the event.

The projects presented their activities and progress to the event’s audience comprised of academics, policymakers, and industrial stakeholders (e.g., mobile network operators). Francisco Váquez Gallego, 5GMED technical manager at I2CAT highlighted the importance of the collaboration with projects of ICT-18 to acknowledge their experiences and with the ICT-53 to share common challenges. Philippe Veyssière, from IRT-Saint Exupéry, presented the poster “5GMED Connected and Automated Mobility and Future Railway Mobile Communication Use Cases in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor”.

Next year’s edition of the EuCNC will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden