D5.1 Railways application requirement analysis report M8

Deliverable D5.1 is the first report for WP5, identifying the requirements and describing the initial architecture of the system to support the testcases derived for UC3 (FRMCS performance and business applications service continuity) and UC4 (Follow-me Infotainment) defined for the railway environment.

As it presents and define the initial architecture design that will be applied within 5GMED to deploy all the components related to executing the pretesting and full trials phases. In addition, includes a specific section in order to describe the on-board Infrastructure, something that has an increased level of complexity compared with the automotive Use Cases, as the train has to aggregate an internal network in order to integrate all the components distributed across the different train vehicles and to aggregate the access of all kind of train users (devices and persons) that will make use of this services.

In addition, this deliverable includes a relation of functional and non-functional requirements defined for each block defined in this initial architecture, to derive the testcases to be demonstrated in WP6. Also describes the connections with the successive WP3 and WP5 tasks. The deliverable is used as input to WP3 to derive the infrastructure’s initial requirements for the FRMCS applications.